Hello, we’re neue and it's nice to meet you

We’re a unique combination of creative disciplines motivated by delivering positive change through extraordinary experiences and design services.

Who We Are

Neue is a group of motivated creative professionals with a diversity of talent, bringing together experience from the fields of architecture, art and design, engineering, project management, event management and technology to deliver cutting edge and completely original projects.

What We Do

Neue began by focusing on lighting design for public spaces, building facades, and residential projects. As Neue evolved as did it’s team, skill set and product offering. Now Neue offers full service solutions including lighting design, supply and installation along with strategic complementary services including architectural 3D rendering and event design and project management.


We believe true inspiration and great work can only come from an environment that encourages collaborative working relationships. Neue places high value on open and respectful communication, creating a team and working environment where new ideas and creativity are designed to flourish. We believe a diverse team that carefully considers other needs and wants helps to create artwork that is not only visually impressive but engages with both the community and people around it. We create work first and foremost for people, seeking to bring people together in public spaces and create connection through inspiring and impactful art.


We value people above all else in the implementation of our projects, both in considering the impact of our completed project on viewers, but also throughout the course of a project. Building and maintaining positive relationships with the people within – and outside of– our team are the key to success. Our projects seek to reflect on the true character of people and unearth connection between the community and their environment.