Interior Lighting Design

Interior Lighting Design
Neue designs immersive interior lighting experiences that shape meaningful moments within the built environment. We rethink the next generation of interior spaces.
Interior Lighting Design
Our Work

Neue works on commercial, hotel, bar, restaurant, and bespoke residential interior lighting projects. We carefully consider the connection between architecture, light and people, producing designs that take human-centred experiences to the next level.

Our Interior Lighting Design Approach

Neue delivers bold, end-to-end interior lighting solutions focused on being dynamic and functional. Our projects are:


Light is a powerful way to communicate the mood or ‘feel’ of a space and that’s not just us saying things, it’s science! We don’t just install lights for the sake of light. First we look closely at how people interact with a space and then we design, test, iterate, and implement complementary solutions. Not only to support the day-to-day experiences but enhance them.


We use varying light and media applications to enhance the built environment. We design and integrate these technologies to create signature, immersive experiences. Neue adapts to how the space is used and how it may change over time.


We incorporate the latest control technology into our projects. Seamlessly integrate all light and media applications to create a coordinated and flexible installation.  Schedule series of ‘shows’ appropriate to low and high traffic, or special events. Budget and project size are extremely important when selecting control methods, for example, we wouldn’t use the same system for a small park activation as we would for a hotel. With this considered, our clients can rest assured knowing that they’re getting the best and most appropriate control solution for their project.