Residential Lighting: Modern New Build

Residential Lighting: Modern New Build
Modern lighting for Hamilton Mansion
Residential Lighting: Modern New Build

The owners of the five-storey private residence in Hamilton were looking for a way to create a totally unique lighting design for their dream home and were disheartened after being advised by an already commissioned lighting designer that their vision was too difficult. This is where Neue came to the rescue. Having engaged Neue as their new lighting designer and supplier, we helped to take their dreams from vision to reality, working closely with the relevant, handing procurement of all lighting products and working with the contractors and the owners to make sure everyone knew what what happening at all times.

The scope of the project included a range of different applications, from concealed LED lighting in the bathroom and kitchen, indirect feature bulkhead lighting, stai lighting, theatre lighting, pool lighting, external façade lighting, custom wall lighting and probably a few other things we’ve left out. The list was exhaustive but with our technical know-how and unlimited design capabilities this was no obstacle and provided an exciting and challenging project for Neue to undertake.

We worked closely with the client to achieve the exact effect they were looking for each space. Neue likes to involve clients as much as possible to ensure smooth and open communication and ensure the clients vision is achieved as well as giving us the flexibility to respond to a clients changing demands during the course of the project. We work in tandem with other contractors on the project, including builders, plasterers, and electricians to make sure and all parties are working together, and the brief is fulfilled.


A range of dynamic colour change lighting options provided in both private spaces and common areas throughout the property to accommodate different moods and events. The client also wished to create a personalised light art installation within the property stairwell. The design would be of personal and cultural significance to the owners and highly symbolic. It was paramount that Neue understood the brief and ensured the installation would be technically impressive but also visually effective to achieve the clients concept, as it was of enormous importance to the to create a lasting personalised memorial within the property. .

This project was truly all-encompassing undertaking for Neue, incorporating almost all applications of lighting design within the various areas of the property. The client was thrilled with the result and after the dispiriting experience with previous lighting designers who advised their dream was unachievable, had their faith restored by Neue, who in a very tangible way, made their dreams come true.