Public Space & Urban Light Art

Public Space & Urban Light Art

Public Space & Urban Light Art
Neue recognises the power light has to shift the way people feel. Our team works within the public and urban space to create light art that attracts and inspires communities.
Public Space & Urban Light Art
Our Work

With more community groups and city planners investing in place-making, the need for public art consultants is greater than ever. Neue has a long history of taking public areas, turning them into landmark attractions and increasing their utility.

Our Team

In collaboration with architects, urban designers, master planners, and suppliers our team is able to bring public artworks to life. Our team includes: Project managers, artistic directors, interactive artists and designers – everything you need to bring a concept to life.

Our Approach to Public Space & Urban Light Art

Neue creates platforms for personal and civic expansion. Our work improves public engagement and creates spaces that people are drawn to. Neue recognises the role and responsibility artists and designers have in contributing to the future of our cities as being liveable spaces that create a sense of community. When we commence work on an urban project or public artwork installation there are a number of considerations:


Working across so many varied disciplines, our team is highly sensitive to stakeholder requirements – we consider the needs of all peoples – from the client and impacted residents to the traditional owners of the land.


The studio harnesses the power of technology via camera and audio sensors to create customised, playful and creative artworks.


The works integrate green spaces and architectural structures with the aim to create engaging environments for the public.

Design Development

We provide detailed content options for the client to explore and develop ahead of full content production, construction and installation.

Custom Fixtures

Continuously pushing the status quo means that some of our designs aren’t on the market. Thankfully we’re really good at prototyping and work closely with local and international manufacturers to invent bespoke products and installations.


Each design creates a narrative or represents a story from the site, along with its surrounding cultural environment. Key to every project is this content and here is where the artistic storytelling comes to life. We place a focus on producing this narrative, as well as identifying local experiences from which to draw.

Civic Voice

Our works aim to amplify the voices of the communities they are based in. We seek to give a voice to the artists, craftspeople and inhabitants of an area. The creative expressions of the public come to life through Neue works and empower people to contribute to their shared urban experience.