Our facade and architectural lighting projects are unlike any other! If it’s not extraordinary then we didn’t do it.

Facade and architectural lighting is incredibly important and powerful. The need for human connection is stronger than it has ever been and we must look at new ways to enable better experiences within our local neighbourhoods. Experiences which not only spark joy but which are useful, usable, dynamic and desirable.

Experience drive everything. It’s not architecture for architecture sake, lighting for lighting sake or technology for technology sake. We need to be using lighting and technology in purposeful ways which allow us to extend and amplify the experience and create highly dynamic places which evolve as our needs change.

Our Work

Our a team of highly skilled creative and technical professionals thrive on creating unique and compelling works responding to each challenge as an opportunity to set a new standard of innovation.

Together we’ve produced a diverse range of facade and architectural lighting projects from small temporary installations to highly sensitive heritage building transformations which are dynamic and interactive.

Here’s a recent project we enjoyed transforming:

Our Approach

As specialist lighting design consultants we integrate the lighting in such a way that the architecture becomes the canvas onto. Neue values collaboration and exploration as part of our process, working with and alongside, the clients, architects, builders, urban designers, electricians, and suppliers throughout the life of the project.

Understanding Stakeholders

We work out what the project is wanting to communicate – this could come from the history of the site, community or current stakeholders who have a vision for the building. Furthermore, we find out why they want to do the project. We do not do projects for lighting sake, our projects are

Concept Design

This is where we begin to creatively develop and visualise your project.

Community Engagement

We always seek a level of interaction and collaboration with the community to enhance and deepen the experience of the façade. We ask why a lot and do our best to never assume anything, sometime the best ideas come from the most unlikely places.

Design Development

The design is technically developed and detailed and content options are explored in readiness for content production and construction and installation.

Custom Fixtures

Continuously pushing the status quo means that some of our designs aren’t on the market. Thankfully we’re really good at prototyping and work closely with local and international manufacturers to invent bespoke products and installations.

Lighting Products

Quality product procurement of lighting and lighting control products is one the biggest challenges within todays fast-passed cost-driven world. Thankful we have incredible relationships with even more incredible manufacturers, suppliers and brands all over the world.


We work in with the relevant service and product suppliers to ensure installation is smooth and the project vision is achieved. We also offer turn key solutions in which our highly skilled project management team handles everything from product procurement to electrical contractors, equipment rental, permits, builders and basically everything needed to achieve the promised result on-time and within budget.

Tender support

Our team also includes construction specialists who are experienced in both small and large scale projects who can help with the tender process and supplier selection.


If the canvas is the façade, the content is the paint. Whether its high-resolution cinematic content, figurative, abstract or interactive we custom make content consistent with the creative narrative and vision of your project produced ready for testing on-site.


Is the final stage to bring the work to life. Our creative and technical team work on site to program the content onto the facade. Our team is fluent in all the the latest light and media management software and enables remote programming and full automation.