Lighting, design and event projects that touch hearts and create real value.

For over a decade, passionate professionals have sought out neue to help ensure their new project will be a raging success.

To get unexpected ideas, we start with unexpected combinations.

Our services include:

  1. Project Services: We specialise in lighting design (and installation), as well as high-end architectural 3D rendering.

  2. End-to-end Project Solutions: Our focus is on lighting activations and the end-to-end delivery of medium to large scale events. This includes design, management, and production.

  3. Consultancy: Sometimes all that’s needed is an hour or two of an expert’s time (on-site or via video chat) to answer some questions and offer some experienced feedback to nudge everything in the right direction. For this we offer hourly, half-day and full day rates. Our consultancy services cover our focus skills and include lighting design, virtual event management, event design, and event management.