3D Rendering & Visualisation

3D Rendering & Visualisation
3D Rendering & Visualisation
Literally visualising the future

As architecture and design become more tech-centric the application of 3D rendering has become more common. The digital, photorealistic rendering of buildings and interiors can be used to design and plan projects at any stage of the project scope. 3D renders allow designers to experiment with the effects of surrounding elements such as light and location. This minimises issues of wasted resources, money and enables much faster ideation.

Importance of 3D Rendering & Visualisation in Property Development

With the aid of 3D rendering building proposals and plans can be created swiftly without trial and error. 3D visualisations help to move negotiations and property dealings along quicker.

Finance and Project Backing: With accurate and realistic visuals to accompany a building proposal, investors obtain a clear idea of how their money will be spent. With the pre-emptive approval of the finished project, property developers will find it easier to win over and secure investors.

Flexibility and Predictability: Traditionally project plans were communicated through architectural drawings with any unforeseen project delays or adjustments requiring a complete redraw of complicated architectural plans. 3D rendering speeds up the process and makes scope changes easier to track and deliver. This allows more flexibility and less room for unexpected surprises!

Advertising: The same visuals used to pique the interest of prospective investors is doubly beneficial when advertising the finished project to potential buyers. It encourages sales well ahead of development. Property settlements can be completed before construction has even reached completion.

Our Approach

For new render projects, Neue will gather all the required information: completed project plans, finishes schedules, image references etc. Within the 3D visualisations, multiple “camera angles” are provided to suit the project requirements, as well as differing variables for texture, finishing and lighting. This allows the recipient to see the development in multiple ways and really sell the dream. To save on time and funds, for both Neue and the client, the initial rendering stages are produced in lower resolution. Once approved a high quality resolution rendering is delivered.