Light Sculpture & Art Installation

Light Sculpture & Art Installation
Bringing people and communities together through shared and memorable experiences.
Light Sculpture & Art Installation

Light sculpture and light art installations unite and engage communities, revive urban spaces and boost night time economies. Whether it’s a stand alone sculpture or a highly complex installation covering multiple building facades, Neue understands what’s required to develop an idea and deliver at scale.

Our Work

Neue works with a range of creatives, including urban designers, city planners, landscape designers and architects, along with city and town governing bodies and councils to help reimagine and rejuvenate public spaces. Neue installations are designed to be fully integrated within their environment, reflecting the landscape community around them.

Our Light Sculpture Team

Neue unites an eclectic mix of disciplines and identities both inhouse and beyond to ensure the diverse and innovative nature. These disciplines include:

  • Artistic & Creative Directors
  • Architecture
  • Industrial Design
  • Construction Project Management
  • Manufacturing and fabrication
  • Lighting suppliers & manufacturers
  • Sound & System design
  • Animators
  • Interactive designers
  • Film editors

Our Approach

Neue works with clients from ideation to execution. The main considerations of our approach are:


We aim to tell your story through a unique installation that fulfils the design brief. We ensure it stays true to the narrative concept and maintains its potential for the audience to make a personal connection.

Day to Night

We make sure the installation creates visual impact during the night AND day. We ensure clients get maximum utilisation from their projects.


We design installations that are beautiful as well as interactive. This can incorporate a range of different technologies and dimensions: from journey mapping to weather responsive technologies to voice / touch activated sensors.


Our lighting artworks and installations are designed to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences. They challenge how people perceive their environments and enhance their experience within them.