Bar Lighting: Illuminated Ice Bar

Bar Lighting: Illuminated Ice Bar
Illuminated Ice Bar Lighting
Bar Lighting: Illuminated Ice Bar

There are fewer hospitality environments where lighting plays a more crucial role than that of the cocktail bar. Lighting affects mood, energy levels and even appetite, so it is imperative that hotel lighting and bar lighting strikes the right balance of functional, versatile and mood lighting. A perfectly designed lighting scheme will encourage patrons to stay for longer and as a result, have an amazing time, tell all their friends and of course spend more dollars. 

But not every hospitality project has a commercial purpose. Terry, successful business man and lover of the quirky, had a vision to create a high-end futuristic igloo style cocktail bar for private events within his very own penthouse apartment. This required a striking and changeable custom lighting solution to accommodate different types of events and create different types of moods. 


When electrical contractors OCE Electrical needed to bring this vision to reality they gave our founder Dean Brosnan a call. The project consisted of 428 custom made ice bricks along with a crystal glass angular fish and crystal glass bench tops, all lovingly made by GlassXpressions. The goal, to use lighting to create the illusion that everything was encased in blocks of real ice.

Neue helped turn vision into reality by not only backlighting everything perfectly and simply, but also give the added WOW factor of a multi-zone system with dynamic colour options. We conducted numerous on-site visits, answered the phone whenever there were questions, created a custom lighting plan, arranged all the custom LED lighting products through our strategic partner Lightcore and also trained the owner (Terry) how to use the control system.

We used custom made high-spec RGB+6000K IP67 strip lighting, this gave Terry the ability to create the ultra icy look he wanted while also enabling the choice of literally limitless colour lighting options. In addition, we set it up so Terry could control the lighting of 16 different sections of the bar to create the ultimate icy paradise.

This project was completed successfully and within budget and Terry is very happy with his custom lighting solution that perfectly showcases his one of a kind venue.

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